Instagram poll answers

1. Who’s father was a preacher?

Michelle’s father is a preacher! 

2. How many high schools did Matt attend?

Matt went to 6 high schools.  

3. Who can deadlift more weight? 

The clear cut answer is Adam. Adam could deadlift Matt and Michelle at the same time.  

4. True or false. Only one member of super bob graduated high school.  

TRUE. Adam graduated and went to some college, Matt dropped out his senior year, Michelle dropped out and got a GED.  

5. Which member of super bob grew up in south Florida? 

Adam. He grew up in Vero beach Florida, he moved to the DC area where Matt grew up when he was 12. They lived about a mile away from each other in Northern VA.  

6. Which member of super bob plays the most video games.  

Matt. You may have noticed that anything Matt does he does to excess, he has impulse control issues. When the band is home it’s not abnormal for Matt to spend 10-15 hours a day playing his Xbox one. Gamer tag superbobmatt  

7. Which member of super bob loses his mind after one day off in a hotel room.  

Adam. He can’t sit still for too long and he forces us to play outside with him. He plays soccer by himself and he makes us throw the football with him. Matt can sit in one spot for hours, so can Michelle. Adam has to move.  

8. Which member of super bob wears size 15 shoes.  

Adam. Duh. He’s got feet like eagle talons.  

9. Who cuts their dreads more often.  

Adam. His individual hair strands are literally as thick as a horses tail hairs. His hair grows fast and never breaks. He cuts off a few inches every few months. Matt bleaches and dyes his hair, he has actually never cut length off his dreads. They grow out and break off at the ends. Poor Matt.  

10. True of false. Adam and Matt have been best friends since they were teenagers.  

True. They’ve been best friends since they were 16. Their friendship is why they play music. Adam made Matt a musician to begin with.  

11. True or false. Adam wanted to punch Matt on the face the first time he met him.  

True. Adam and Matt approached school and day to day life in a different way than most kids. When adam moved to the neighborhood he’d observed Matt’s behavior on the bus and decided to fight Matt, but Matt had heard stories of the new kid. Matt had decided to fight adam until he walked on the bus and saw how giant he was as a child. They steered clear of each other for a few years, then became best friends.  

12. How long did Matt smoke cigarettes.  

20 years. He smoked a pack a day from 11-16 and 2+ packs a day from 16-31 until he collapsed a lung which forced him to quit.  

13. Which member of super bob listen only to hip hop until age 18.  

Matt. Matt hated 80’s rock, so he listened to rap right up until they started starting a rock band! 

14. Which member of super bob refuses to pee in a urinal.  

Matt. Aside from the fact that there can be splash back, he feels that peeing at a urinal is unsafe. Matt is paranoid and believes it’d be the easiest place to rob someone. Their dock is out and they can’t see behind them. So he pees in locked stalls 95% of the time.  

15. Adams guitar picks come from? 

The stage. We pick up pics that other bands drop and leave on stage. You’ll notice that his picks are never the same color, you may even see us wandering the stage picking them up right before the show starts.  

16. True or false. Matt is the singer because adam forced him to be.  

True. In the earliest days of the band adam was the singer, Matt was the bassist and was writing lyrics for adam. One day adam turned to Matt and said “I hate singing, you can write, you’re the singer”. Matt said “but I can’t sing” adam agreed but pointed out that Matt’s voice was unique. Matt became the singer.  

17. One member prefers ranch to blue cheese.  

Michelle. Obviously. She’s a southerner, she likes sweet tea too.  

18. Which member was expelled from high school twice.  

Matt. His first expulsion was a week and a half into 9th grade, his second was in the 11th grade a month after they let him back into public school.  

19. Who wins substantially more bets, games and physical competitions.  

Adam. He has beaten everyone in everything at least 95% of the time. Thank god for that too, he’s a redhead and gets kinda fired up when he loses.  

20. Which member travels with more shower products.  

Matt. Matt brings everything he could possibly need in the road. He likes to be comfortable. 

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